• Chi Meyer

University of Washington Cherry Blossoms - 2016

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

We were on cherry blossom alert, waiting for a break from the rain. The Seattle area has varying microclimates so depending on where you live, you can be deceived by the sunshine. We live on the eastside of Lake Washington and it was sunny last Thursday. I headed across the lake and, of course, it started raining shortly thereafter. I tried again the following day and had better luck! The sun was out in its full glory, but the skies slowly turned grey and finally poured after the last photo was taken. The footage is grey, but at this time of the year, we’ll take what we can get. The following Sunday, the Puget Sound experienced a powerful windstorm, so I am not sure how the blossoms fared. We hope you enjoy the video!

For more information about the UofW cherry blossoms, please check out the UofW's arborist website. Go Huskies!

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