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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

The Never Ending Road-Trip

​This is me in all my glory, glass of Chablis in hand, surrounded by delectable seafood from the Puget Sound. And across from me, my favorite person, my husband. The only person, in fact, in front of whom I have no qualms about devouring crab guts.

Taylor Shellfish Bar in Lower Queen Anne - Summer 2015

In the fall of 2015, I left my corporate job of over 10 years to – pardon the cliché – find myself. I decided that I should start a food, travel and cooking blog (wow, how novel!). I taught myself how to use a DLSR camera; shoot, edit, and produce video with professional-class software; and create a website. In March, I "shipped" (corporate techie jargon) Destination Hungry. I'm still a novice by any measure, but this experience opened my eyes to our capability to learn new skills at any age.

Fast-forward to June. I had produced fifteen videos, become more spontaneous, and actively sought opportunities for fun and enjoyment. My husband and I took more local trips than we had in the past. But then…it started feeling like work. I couldn't enjoy the experience because I had to focus on the shot, the sound, and anticipate everything I’d need to produce the segment. I was turned off. What can I do to earn a living? I decided to continue trying new things and challenging myself.

My first project: learning to make macarons. I have always been obsessed with this French meringue-based treat. I don't quite have a sweet tooth, but I do have a love for French pastries and desserts. They have a reputation for being difficult and touchy to make. One day in June, I decided to just give it a try. I looked up the easiest recipe I could find online. I even had all the ingredients on hand, so I dove right in. Incredibly, they came out right on the first try! They had high "feet," which are the frilly little edges of the cookie that are characteristic of a true macaron. They were a little brown and not as pretty as I wanted, but they were structurally decent.

After my initial success, I made two batches of macarons a day. I was trying different flavor ingredients, tweaking the batter components, adjusting the bake time. And most of the batches failed spectacularly. But I loved the challenge, and that's what kept me engaged. Today, I feel like I’ve "mastered" the technique, or at least done a good job of fooling my friends. At the beginning of September, I launched Moss Bay Macarons, with the goal of catering premium quality, custom-made macarons to local events. I’m not sure yet where this will take me, and I’m OK with that. I think it’s a good sign that I find myself awake in the middle of the night, dreaming up unique and yummy flavor combinations.

I'm back to corporate life, but still up to my usual antics. After having 15 months to explore and reflect on life, I learned so much about myself. This blog will document my journey through life: seeking new adventures, new experiences, and exploring the world. I will continue to create videos and take lots of photos, but at a more leisurely, tortoise-like, attention deficit sort of pace. Thanks for hanging out!

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