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Granville Island and Amazing Dim Sum

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

After the very quick visit to Vancouver last month, we decided it was time to return and explore some more. We may just likely have a couple more trips to Vancouver planned for this summer. This trip was focused on visiting the Granville Island Public market and eating some Dim Sum! We arrived by noon, hoping to stop by Ajisai Sushi Bar for lunch. They have high yelp ratings and the food appears to be traditional but with a modern twist. It’s located in the suburbs of Vancouver, a convenient drive on the way to Downtown Vancouver. They were unfortunately closed for the week. So we headed to the next highly rated sushi restaurant in the neighborhood called, Sushi Thyme. I know, the name is cheeky. but we love it. It was quiet in the restaurant, actually, we were the only other customers aside from an expressive gentlemen sitting at the sushi bar. I was a little concerned about my choice. We were proven wrong. We ordered a spider and a spicy tuna roll, four toros and one unagi nigiri. The spider roll had shiso leaves in it, giving it a bright, herbal citrus flavor. Oh my goodness. The toro of course, was amazing, but this one just disintegrated in our mouths. Our server informed us that it was freshly sliced from the fish. It was also inexpensive! With the exchange rate, the toro came out to $3.00 USD for a piece of nigiri. We wanted to order more, but saved room in our stomachs for some snacking at the public market. The trip was off to a good start!

​​Granville Island public market turned out to be a quite overwhelming! We arrived around 1PM. I tried to record video with my SLR, but I was getting in to everyone’s way, so we had to Go Pro it inside the market. It was not as crowded outside, and felt so good to be out in the sunshine. I have a really difficult time with crowds, so this was over the top for me. Aside from the crowds, it's a lively public market selling everything from gourmet foods like chacuterie, seafood, meats, vegetables and arts and crafts. We picked up a variety of salamis and a couple of cheeses to eat at the hotel. The market is surrounded by a number of restaurants, shops and a lobster market to keep you occupied. There’s also street performance that rotates throughout the day. You can spend an entire afternoon here.

After the market, we checked into the Hotel Le Soleil in Downtown Vancouver. Every room is a suite with a fridge, which is handy for storing meats and cheeses and chilling wine. The staff is polished and friendly. I would stay here again just for the service. The rooms were nicely appointed, however, not as sound proof as the Sutton Place. And the bed was not as comfortable. We stayed on the fifth floor and could hear a women yelling in the middle of the street.

Sunday morning, we headed to the Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant for Dim Sum! It was highly recommended by my friend who is the ultimate foodie. The restaurant is located in the Aberdeen Centre, a mall in Richmond. As far as malls go, this one was nice and spacious. I didn’t want to kill anyone. We arrived around 11:30 AM and waited for only 30 minutes. It was worth it. This has got to be the freshest tasting Dim Sum we’ve had in a long time. It’s a huge restaurant and of course, just packed, with as many as 30 people waiting for a table. My favorite dish has got to be the fresh scallops wrapped in a wide rice noodle. The scallop was so sweet and super fresh tasting and the rice noodle was tender and light. A savory, comforting dish. It was surrounded by a delicate sweet soy sauce. We will definitely return to this restaurant during our next trip to BC. Our goal is to be able to eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong. Please check out the video of our trip to see more Dim Sim dishes!​

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