Hi, I'm Chi Meyer

Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog! I don't usually look like this, but when I do, I've had some awesome, professional photo-shopping applied. This photo was taken in Grand Cayman by a talented photographer from Picture This to commemorate me and my husband's 10 year wedding anniversary. It's been 4 years and we still haven't made any prints to display around the house. This is likely attributed to the many other professional photos hanging around the house, taking up precious real estate. 

I'm an HR professional by day and a wannabe polyglot and aspiring guitarist by night. I was born in the bustling city of Saigon, Vietnam, and emigrated to Washington state with my family at the age of 2. I've lived mostly in the greater Seattle area since, so I consider myself a native. Living in one area sparked my wanderlust.

I created this blog to document and challenge my husband and me to be more spontaneous and explore the beautiful Puget Sound region, and around the world. You can learn more about our history here and my journey here.

These blogs are just my personal experiences and opinion, so please enjoy my journey. Thanks for coming along!